Free DIY Blog Post Planner Stickers

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I’ve recently been introduced to the world of planners, which quickly led to a growing (and expensive!) love of planner stickers. Y’all, my sticker drawer was overflowing. But, I quickly found that there aren’t a ton of stickers out there geared towards the type of planning I was trying to accomplish.

Specifically, I wanted stickers to help me plan these blog posts! As all of my fellow bloggers will know, there is a TON of work that goes into publishing just one blog post. Keeping track of all of this can be daunting, and I didn’t want to purchase a whole other planning system just to track my blog posts.

So, these blog planning stickers were created! Now, there are some downsides to DIY stickers (i.e. cutting them out, let’s be real). But, the best part is that you can print these over and over again, and you don’t have to dish out money for a book of stickers when you only want one specific type.

I tried to make these stickers as functional, but streamlined as possible for your planner – there’s no need to take up a whole day on your planner spread with a blog post! They are perfectly sized to fit in the Perpetual Planner shown in these photos, but will work with any planner you are currently using.

There is space for your title, and then the high level action steps for each blog post. I also left some room where you can add extra check boxes – such as “create freebie” or “record video.”

Supplies Needed:

  1. Home printer – I printed these on a regular inkjet printer. Any color printer should do!
  2. Full Page, Matte Sticker Paper – I purchased this from Amazon (hello, 2 day shipping!): Avery Sticker Project Paper, Matte White
    It’s important that you purchase matte sticker paper, as you want to be able to write on these stickers once they’re printed.
  3. Scissors

Steps to Printing and Using your Stickers:

  1. Download the sticker file below.
  2. Print on your sticker paper – make sure you print on the non-backing side!
  3. Cut out the stickers
  4. Put them in your planner, and plan away!

Now, to the free download!