Perfect Your Cursive with Our Free Practice Guide

One of the most common things I hear from people who want to learn calligraphy is, “But I hate my handwriting!” All too often, we think of our handwriting as something that is cemented in early childhood, never to be changed.

That’s not true at all! Handwriting can be manipulated, changed, and perfected with just a few simple tools and tips. So, I created this free cursive handwriting guide to help people who feel that their handwriting is holding them back from learning cursive. Practice with these four sheets at least once a day, and you’ll notice improvement within a few weeks.

A few tips when using this guide:

  1. Writing is SO much more fun when you love your pen. I really like using gel roller pens because they lay down ink smoothly and come in all kinds of fun colors.
  2. Try writing more slowly than you’re used to. This will help you familiarize yourself with the way the letters should be formed.
  3. Focus on both letters AND words. When you practice connecting letters within words, you will notice that you develop muscle memory for the way the letters should be written.
  4. Don’t be afraid to mix it up! If you don’t like the way a certain letter is written on this guide, develop your own letterform!

This guide shows each cursive letterform in black ink – this is what your final letter should look like. Then, there are several faded letters for you to trace over. Tracing is one of the best ways to improve your handwriting! Next, there are blank spaces for you to practice forming the letters on your own.

Download the free PDF Practice Guide here!

I would love to see your progress! Use the hashtag #printablewisdom on Instagram, and tag me @printablewisdom so I can see how you’re using these worksheets!